Holistic Marketing and Design

Holistic Marketing and Design

ReviveNYC Releases White Paper On Holistic Marketing Approach

Holistic advertising concept is likely the newest strategy to promotion and the most recent company theory. Comprehension that the only way to break through the noise would be to remove unpredictability in your customer experience is the initial step to holistic design. Holistic layout looks like a simple idea and one that you might blow off as something you have. Oversaturating consumers with advertising messages is not helping us break through it is creating negative experiences for consumers. Consumers already distrust marketing messages, and can see right through our thinly-veiled sales pitches.

The aim of holistic design would be to convey a handled and consistent message, which develops net favorable goodwill from every interaction between your business and the outside world. The more your relationship with customers, the longer the line would be. No matter your advertising design, your line will go down and up over time due to negative and positive experiences.

To show the need for holistic design, conduct this brief experiment in your office: Pull 10 people, each from different departments in your business, and ask them the following three questions. Holistic design, on the other hand, understands that we belong to a connected society, with no barriers to advice, and that every interaction with a consumer drives either a positive, negative, or null answer. Then we can begin to see the lining of a new world, once we can understand what got us here and we can start to see the reason design needs to change to put a larger focus on consumer experience — instead of striking impressions.